Business, School & Trust Improvement Plans

The Link Academies Trust’s Strategic Improvement Plan (ATSIP) is designed to drive our current and future thinking and development into the year 2021

The strategy is formulated to be purposeful and tailored to the context of our academy so that we can use and refer to it regularly throughout the next three years- it will be central to our discussions throughout the years. The greatest and most effective improvement plans are sustained because they are referred to constantly and are able to be adapted to changing circumstances, so flexibility is in-built. Our plans must have impact therefore everyone must have a deep understanding, ownership of them and weave them into everything they do.

My role within this plan is to continue to work with our Board of Trustees, Academy Trust School  Improvement Lead, Senior Leadership Team and school based staff- including those wishing to join our Trust; initially, to create the vision, the strategic direction and the pedagogical model which will enable children in our Trust to flourish regardless of their background or starting point or size of school. Finally, my role is to ensure we collectively drive through the resultant strategies, actions and plans, ensuring impact.

My commitment and expectation is that we will motivate and empower staff at all levels to have a relentless focus on their own performance and that of our children; and by meticulously analysing data, ensure that we have the best evidence-led practice in all our schools regardless of context.

This may well require us to take tough decisions on how we will achieve whilst we seek constantly to develop the collaborative and supportive culture across our Trust, ensuring we are ‘stronger together’.

We continually collaborate across the educational and business landscape to promote the very best practice in our small schools, we strive to be ‘cutting edge’ in our approach thereby providing the very best innovative practice possible, after all our intention is to be ‘stronger together’ and using our internal expertise and involving the wider community we will achieve our goals.

Nicky Dunford

The Link Academy Trust Strategic Improvement Plan Model – the 7 Strand Transformation Model:

Our Trust understands that there are five requirements in order to continue to be successful:

  1. A vision and set of values which hold us all to account;
  2. A model for school improvement which is both systematic and consistent across our Trust: creating a collaborative culture;
  3. A curriculum which is fit for purpose both academically and financially;
  4. A recognition that we all work within accountability frameworks e.g. Academies Financial Handbook, National Schools Commissioner/ Regional Schools Commissioners, Ofsted, Department for Education, Education Skills Funding Agency etc. and that we must we adhere to the highest standards of public office; and
  5. A Scheme of Delegation which enables responsibility to sit with those who are accountable.
The 7 strand transformation model: All of the strands of transformation are delivered concurrently: each relies upon the others to facilitate school improvement at pace.

These strands are:

  1. Leadership with vision and efficacy
  2. Quality in the classroom
  3. Curriculum design
  4. Monitoring and intervention
  5. Systems and policies
  6. Targeted professional development
  7. Praise culture for staff and students
During each Academic year, the Trust Improvement Plan identifies the strategic developments that the Link Academy Trust will make and it guides our work and allows stakeholders to monitor progress towards reaching our objectives. This plan has been presented to the Board of Trustees and influences elements of each school’s Improvement Plan.

This plan has been written following consideration of:

  • Current OFSTED framework for inspections for Schools and outcomes from internal and external monitoring alongside the analysis of Key data
  • The Link Academy Trust Business Plan
  • Local & national developments that we know will have an impact on our schools during this academic year.
The plan reflects the Trust's vision, ethos and values and has been created by the Academy Trust School Improvement Lead and Senior Leadership Team, in consultation with the Academy Heads; it represents the core of our drive to raise standards and should be viewed in context of the overall strategy for improvement.

The Academy Trust Strategic Improvement plan (ATSIP) informs individual Academy plans, which will have additional elements and actions to address local need. Academies will self-assess the areas they need to prioritise to produce their improvement plan with due regard to the basic principles of an effective school.

To achieve continuous school improvement, the Trust has a commitment to training and professional development which supports staff at all levels. The Trust will provide support for Newly Qualified and Early Career teachers, training for Teaching Assistants, professional development for Subject Leaders, an Outstanding Teachers Programme and Head of School training. In addition, there is a Leadership coaching programme to develop personal leadership skills and assist in building effective leadership teams. All Link Academy Trust schools have a commitment to participate in Academy to Academy led improvement model and work collaboratively with schools within and beyond the MAT to share best practice and accomplish improvement through partnership working. The ATSIP will operate within the boundaries of sound financial management and have an intrinsic link with the Trust Business Plan.