Lynda Cooper - Moorland

Chair, Lead in Safeguarding, Parent Governor - Hennock

Ewa Ziubryniewicz - Moorland

Co-Opted Governor

Olivia Gentile - Moorland

Staff Governor - Hennock

Robert Steemson - Moorland

Community Governor - Widecombe-in-the-Moor

Evelyn Edworthy - Moorland

Parent Governor - Widecombe-in-the-Moor

Peter Reed - Moorland

Community Governor

Caroline Rolls - Moorland

Staff Governor - Widecombe-in-the-Moor

Vivienne Hodges - Moorland

Community - Moretonhampstead

Kyle Brook - Moorland

Parent Governor - Hennock

Dr Paul Brassley - Moorland

Carmel Skinner - Moorland

Parent Governor

Jo Carter - Woodleigh

Chair, Parent Governor - Cheriton Bishop

Max Thomas - Woodleigh

Co-opted Governor

Rachael Smaldon - Woodleigh

Parent Governor - Tedburn St Mary

Alice Moseley - Woodleigh

Vice Chair, Parent Governor - Yeoford

Elaine Clark - Woodleigh

Lead in Safeguarding, Co-opted Governor

Andrew Lee - Woodleigh

Staff Governor - Tedburn St Mary

Kristina Wright - Woodleigh

Staff Governor - Yeoford

Karen Fletcher - Woodleigh

Staff Governor - Cheriton Bishop

Cat Radford - Totnes

Chair, Co-Opted Governor, Link Governor for Harbertonford

Janet Watts - Totnes

Co-opted Governor, Lead in Monitoring, Link Governor for Harbertonford

Lizzie Lethbridge - Totnes

Staff Governor

Nanya Coles - Totnes

Lead in Safeguarding, Parent Governor Broadhempston

Rebecca Sear - Totnes

Vice Chair, Co-opted Governor

Emily McGuinness - Totnes

Parent Governor - Harbertonford

Lucy Carrol - Totnes

Parent Governor - Diptford

Grace Coles - Totnes

Parent Governor - Landscove

Sue Vaughton - Totnes

Parent Governor - Stoke Gabriel

Jane Wilkinson - Totnes

Community Governor - Stoke Gabriel

Richard Charley - Totnes

Staff Governor

Robin Tugwell - Totnes

Foundation Governor

Corinna Tigg - Raleigh


Christine Channon - Raleigh

Tony Alexander - Raleigh

Martin Jacques - Raleigh

Co-opted Governor

Louise Jacques - Raleigh

Co-opted Governor

Robin Scott - Raleigh

Staff Governor - Otterton

Claire Appleby - Raleigh

Staff Governor - Drake's

Becky Ames - Moorland Hub - Bearnes, Hennock, Ilsington, Moretonhampstead and Widecombe-in-the-Moor Schools
Peter Osborne - Totnes Hub  - Broadhempston, Diptford, Harbertonford, Landscove and Stoke Gabriel
Fran Mills - Raleigh Hub - Drake’s and Otterton
To appoint - Woodleigh Hub - Cheriton Bishop, Tedburn St Mary and Yeoford