Vision & Values

Our Vision

As a Multi Academy Trust we want to be known to be nationally recognised for putting our pupils first by:

  • Delivering educational excellence underpinned by strong moral values
  • Each learner exceeding their aspirations in a quality learning environment
  • Highly motivated, research-led, passionate teaching
  • Schools being at the heart of and an integral part of their community
  • Being a partner of choice
Our mission is to deliver the best for our children, families and communities through:

  • Innovative approaches to learning
  • The development of partnership and collaborative working to create a cutting edge approach
  • An uncompromising approach to health, safety, nurturing and inclusion
We will achieve this by investment in:

  • High quality provision for staff and their pathways to success
  • School environments that provide stimulating learning spaces
  • Strong business planning to maximise the Trust’s geographical range and collective expertise
Every Academy within our Trust has considered exactly what they offer their pupils and this has been summarised as:

Small Schools, Big Opportunities-

  • Unforgettable experiences- setting the foundations for life
  • No ceiling, the highest possible achievement for all
  • Individuality valued, collaboration not competition
  • People matter, every interaction, every moment
Finally for our Church Schools –

The Church Schools within the Link Academy Trust aim to provide an education with four key elements which are at the heart of all that we are, enriched by our Christian traditions; Wisdom, Hope, Community and Dignity.

Our learners will be given opportunities to become independent, collaborative, creative learners who have the confidence to seek wisdom and nurture a love of learning.

Our small schools provide big opportunities to broaden learners’ horizons and prepare them for the fullness of life, through hope, aspiration and our core Christian values.

We focus on relationships and learning to live well in a wider community that can flourish together.

Central to children’s learning is respecting the worth, dignity and preciousness of each person in a safe and inclusive environment within the sight and love of God.

Our Values

The Link Academy Trust is a not for profit charity currently consisting of nine primary schools operating as ‘hubs’ around a central service provision. We are increasingly being regarded as a high performing Multi Academy Trust of small schools specialising in the provision of cutting-edge learning tailored to schools and their communities in Devon.

We have developed, and continue to develop, our model for school improvement which is focussed on creating a collaborative pedagogical model and has a transformational effect on children’s life chances within very quick timescales.

All academies within our Trust work closely with each other in a geographical ‘hub’ model, alongside informal partnership working we encourage with other schools and organisations around us. Each academy individually and collectively forms the Trust: the Trust as a whole is not a separate body or group of people but rather one single organisation made up of all our academies with one single vision and shared set of values. Together we all work to ensure that all children, irrespective of their starting points, receive an excellent education.

We consider we are an integral part of the local communities in which we work. We pride ourselves in meeting the needs of all children in our care, including those who are most vulnerable or indeed challenging. These groups of students are a priority to us and we work closely with parents/carers in helping to raise their children’s self-esteem, resilience and subsequent achievement and attainment.

Our Inclusion and Improvement hub operates specifically to fulfil the needs of SEND, vulnerable and disadvantage children as we understand that by significantly raising attainment, instilling high standards of behaviour within a caring and safe environment that we will improve social mobility and provide children with life-choices and life chances. The impact this model has demonstrated for our schools has been extended to support many other schools within our locality as a result of which the expertise has developed the impact of which has been to make a significant difference to the children that require this level of support.

In our Trust, leadership is not a position or title, it is an action that elicits the best from everyone; actions impact on people’s lives- we ensure they are ambitious and optimistic.

We are innovative, aspirational and outward looking in our approach to everything we undertake.

The Core Principles of Leadership, our Leaders are trusted to:

  • Be strategic, relentlessly striving and restless, so we look beyond the horizon
  • Lead with integrity, being supportive and understanding
  • ‘Walk the walk’, modelling excellence and expectation
  • Be outward looking and commit to partnership working
  • Be accountable, consistent, valued and committed to everyone
  • Provide opportunities- give us all ‘wings to fly’
  • Be innovative, driving intelligent practice and depth of understanding
  • Listen, be forgiving and reflective
  • Communicative, providing clarity to all
  • Celebrate, reward and have great fun
Our leaders understand the ethical impact we can have on people’s lives – there are no short cuts! This is how we deliver the best for our pupils-

  • We ensure we know the circumstances of our pupils families well, to support their wellbeing
  • We regularly and meticulously analyse achievement and progress, drilling down to effect rapid improvement
  • We evaluate outcomes and strive to improve impact
  • We consistently have high expectations of everyone’s behaviour; clear boundaries are understood by everyone.
  • We review and apply Trust policies scrupulously in order to be fair to all
  • We invest in our learning environments, IT and resources.
  • We have an ‘in depth’ focus on learning and the pedagogy of how children best learn.
  • We ensure CPD extends the skills and expertise of every individual member of staff
  • We robustly challenge underperformance- at every level
  • We have clear expectations leading to full accountability
  • We share our skills, experiences and effective systems, setting the premise that we are always learning from others.
  • We support pupils to become confident, independent and questioning
  • We expect our pupils to experience great teaching and great opportunities at all times.
  • We are clear and everyone knows that every learning minute counts
Through consultation we know what pupils expect of us and a successful education depends on positive partnerships- the school will:

  • Provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment enabling all pupils to learn and develop as individuals with different interests and passions
  • Recognise and praise progress and achievement and have high expectations of every child.
  • Care for every child’s safety and well-being, including encouraging a healthy lifestyle
  • Listen to any concerns or problems that might be affecting a pupil’s learning or behaviour in order to improve their position and capacity to learn.
  • Encourage families to be involved in their children’s education
  • Encourage pupils to think for themselves and embark on entrepreneurial actions
In return this is what we expect of our pupils:

  • Be respectful to everyone, being kind and polite.
  • Take ownership and responsibility for their learning by being resilient to achieve ambitious outcomes.
  • Create and behave according to the school rules for everyone’s safety and benefit.
  • Attend regularly; arrive on time with equipment needed for effective learning and be smart in appearance, wearing school uniform.
  • Respect the school environment and use the internet sensibly and safely.
  • Enjoy and make the most of the range of opportunities and experiential learning on offer.
We expect to develop our pupils as First Class Learners – to be:

  • Responsive, enthusiastic and reactive- developing a thirst for learning
  • Resilient and irrepressible- not being afraid to learn from their mistakes
  • Prepared and resourceful- spotting opportunities and making connections
  • Diligent, confident and conscientious- really trying to do their best
  • Aspirational
  • Fun!