Work for us

Join us as a Class Teacher

If you are a teacher with real ambition to develop your career further and would like to be at the forefront of current school improvement opportunities we need you.

We will offer you the prospect of teaching in a range of settings, being empowered to develop your own expert knowledge and skills and the chance to support/ lead others in their professional journey. You will be part of a proficient team dedicated to working to improve the outcomes for all our children, where your work life balance will be promoted.

We offer you the support of clear systems, protocols, expectations and structures to help you to succeed as a teacher, including mentoring and coaching.

You will need to be inspirational and reflective, show initiative, creativity and demonstrate the aptitude to work as part of a successful and growing team of school leaders to improve the life chances of our pupils and make every child feel ‘special’. We expect you to liaise with parents, stakeholders and the community. The School leaders will recognise and develop your expertise and skills to ensure you become an excellent teacher.

We want you to come and join our happy, positive learning environments where our consistent vision is that through collaboration we will always be ‘Stronger Together’


Support Staff within the Trust

From Administrators to Teaching Assistants to Mealtime Assistants, all our support staff are valued equally. They need to be able to work effectively, organised and well under pressure, whilst most importantly having a strong, sensitive and caring approach to our pupil's needs.

We offer training and development opportunities for staff to remain at their very best and to succeed in any future role ambitions. 



We pride ourselves on being a happy place to work and are keen to support staff's well-being and work life balance. 

The Link Academy Trust acknowledge the potential impact that work has on an individual’s physical and mental health, and that there is a persuasive business case as well as a moral and legal duty for taking steps to promote employee well-being as far as reasonably practicable. The Trust is committed to fostering a culture of cooperation, trust and mutual respect, where all individuals are treated with dignity, and can work at their optimum level.
The Trust recognise that work-related stress has a negative impact on employees’ well-being, and that it can take many forms and so needs to be carefully analysed and addressed at an organisational level.
The Link Academy Trust will promote the well-being of employees by:
  • Creating a working environment where potential work-related stressors as far as practicable are avoided, minimised or mitigated through good management practices, effective Human Resources policies and staff development.
  • Increasing managers’ and employees’ awareness of the causes and effects of stress.
  • Developing a culture that is open and supportive of people experiencing stress or other forms of mental ill-health.
  • Developing the competence of managers, so that they manage staff effectively and fairly.
  • Engaging with staff to create constructive and effective working partnerships both within teams and across the Trust.
  • Establishing working arrangements whereby employees feel they are able to maintain an appropriate work life balance.
  • Encouraging staff to take responsibility for their own health and well-being through effective health promotion programmes and initiatives.
  • Encouraging staff to take responsibility for their own work and effectiveness as a means of reducing their own stress and that of their colleagues.

Give Back Day

We value all our staff and are grateful for their tremendous hard work. So in recognition of this, every single member of staff is entitled to a 'Give Back Day'. This is one day in term time each year, that they can take off for any personal circumstance they require. Some fantastic examples of this have been competing in a Marathon, attending a child's graduation and being able to travel out with the rest of their team to a sporting event in another country. Good News!