Continuous Professional Development

Individual Career Development

Every member of staff in the Link Academy Trust has the best opportunities to develop their skills, passions and expertise, every year.

External providers offer a range of high quality training which we access in order to support staff to improve and develop. This ranges from the National Professional Qualification for Headteachers (NPQH) to locally run Subject Briefings, Therapy training which helps us support vulnerable or challenging pupils right through to quality Governor training.

Internal programmes, designed and run by experts within the Trust supplement our training programme further and are highly successful in ensuring aspiring staff are able to access additional opportunities to gain excellence, expertise and skills.

Examples of some of the most successful are summarised and include an outline of our Newly Qualified/ Early career Teacher’s package, the Teaching Assistant Development programme and the Journey into Leadership training.

Bespoke training packages are refined and delivered every year in order to address the needs of our staff in the relentless strive to be the best we can be.

Strategic Trust Improvement CPD

Annually the Trust prioritise specific areas of Improvement linked with current educational thinking and initiatives.

The 2019-20 priorities will focus on the requirements of the New Ofsted Framework linked with the National Curriculum and Quality First Teaching. Curriculum Leadership Groups have been established to give Middle Leaders an opportunity to have an impact across the Trust in their area of expertise, while developing leadership skills and improving outcomes for pupils.

External training opportunities will extend the depth of improvement in each subject area as links to Teaching School Alliance programmes extend understanding and working with professional bodies hones teachers and leaders skills

Mandatory Training

At the Link Academy Trust, we have a moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for all our staff and pupils. We ensure our employees have the level of knowledge and skills to operate safely and that a healthy and safe working environment in all our Academies is maintained.

We provide a standardised approach to the delivery of statutory and mandatory training to support all our Academies. Our dedicated HR Officer is responsible for ensuring that training requirements in areas such as First Aid, Safeguarding and Health & Safety are monitored and renewed as and when necessary. This clear process protects our staff and pupils, making sure that as a Trust, we are compliant.

In other areas of CPD, e.g. Curriculum subjects and Moderation events, it is the responsibility of our Academy Heads to identify appropriate courses for their staff to attend.